Media training and coaching for musicians

As a journalist I’ve interviewed over a thousand musicians and since 2004 I’ve also been working with artists, labels and management companies, figuring out the best way to tell stories (and identify what those stories are). 

How it works

When I work with musicians it’s often about helping them say what they want to say (and sometimes figure out what it is they want to say), while also making sure they know what the media and fans want to hear. 

Preparing an artist to face difficult topics or complicated areas of their life is part of the work, too. My experience as a qualified counsellor means I’m equipped to work with some pretty intense topics, creating a comfortable and safe space where those topics can be shared and sensitively worked on.

Over the years I’ve developed a series of exercises, roleplays and approaches which mean I can adapt sessions to the requirements of different artists. 

Sessions can take the form of anything from a one-off meeting to regular sessions, in person or via Zoom — and if you want someone to be on hand at a high-pressure press day, write an acceptance speech or prepare for a press conference, I’ve done that too.

Who I’ve worked with

I’ve worked with all the majors and a range of independents and managers, helping artists ranging from bedroom popstars, electronic artists and guitar bands to Ivor Novello, Grammy, Brit Award and X Factor-winning stars.

Think I can help?

Whether you’re an artist or working on behalf of one, you’re welcome to get in touch and tell me a bit about what you’re after. You can drop me a line on

All queries (like all sessions) are treated in strict confidence. I’m happy to discuss NDAs for added peace of mind.  

Further reading

My chapter on dealing with the media appears in Touring and Mental Health: The Music Industry Manual, published by Omnibus and available here.